Combatting antisemitism

Holocaust Memorial Berlin

Holocaust Memorial Berlin - Soeren Stache, © dpa

03.03.2020 - Article

Through the IHRA, member countries join forces to fight antisemitism around the world.

In recent years, deadly antisemitic attacks have spread fear and uncertainty in Jewish communities around the world. On an almost daily basis, there are new reports of antisemitic insults and slurs, and of physical assaults, targeting Jews or people who are assumed to be Jewish, as well as reports of the desecration of cemeteries, attacks on synagogues, Jewish cultural centres and Holocaust memorials. Antisemitism always also targets the values that underpin free, democratic and open societies.

To take effective action against antisemitism, it must first be identified and called out. As part of this effort, the IHRA Committee on Antisemitism and Holocaust Denial drafted a working definition of antisemitism that was adopted at a plenary meeting in 2016. The IHRA is thereby assisting the efforts of political decision-makers to fight the rise in hatred and discrimination at the national level.

The Federal Government adopted this definition in 2017 and is working to have it more widely accepted and applied. This engagement is being continued during the German chairmanship.

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