Global Task Force against Holocaust distortion

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03.03.2020 - Article

During its IHRA chairmanship, Germany in particular wants to focus on the fight against any diminishing or distortion of the Holocaust.

Not only is distortion of the Holocaust just as amoral as Holocaust denial, it also prevents societies and individuals from getting to grips with the past. Denial and trivialisation of the Holocaust always reflect an antisemitic mindset and prepare the ground for other forms of inhuman ideology. To take effective action against the rising trend of Holocaust distortion, as well as growing antisemitism, political actors must coordinate their efforts on an international level. The IHRA is the appropriate forum for this.

At the top of Germany’s priority list is identifying ways to take action against dangerous lies, misrepresentation of facts and trivialisation of the Holocaust in public, at memorial sites and also online. In 2020 and 2021, the Federal Foreign Office will support a special IHRA project that promotes international exchange on this issue. A contribution of one million euros has been earmarked for the establishment in 2020 of a Global Task Force against Holocaust distortion. This network of international experts will be tasked with developing and promoting wide implementation of effective counterstrategies. In addition to its working definition of antisemitism, the IHRA in 2013 developed a working definition of Holocaust denial and distortion which lays the respective groundwork and will be communicated to a larger audience during the chairmanship year.

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