IHRA Berlin Plenary 2020


Berlin, © HW Schlieper

29.06.2020 - Article

From 29 June  to 2 July, the IHRA Plenary took place in digital form for the first time and under German chairmanship.

Around 200 delegates, experts and observers from the 34 member states attended the digital IHRA Plenary to discuss politically relevant issues related to the Holocaust and the genocide of the Sinti and Roma. Discussion focused on a working definition of anti-roma rassism. The participants also discussed the dissemination of the recommendations for teaching and learning about the Holocaust and the implementation of the IHRA Ministerial Declaration of January 2020. The Task Force against Holocaust Denial and Distortion set up by Germany reported on its work to date.

Results of the IHRA 2020 Berlin Plenary are the IHRA Declaration on Rehabilitation as well as the IHRA President's Statement on the Working Definition of Anti-Roma Racism.

A detailed summary report of the Berlin Plenary can be found here.

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the Plenary’s digital side programme listed below.

Results of the IHRA 2020 Berlin Plenary

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